Technology, society, and sustainability

I research issues in science & technology for sustainability, focusing on materials and production systems. I’m interested in how scientific knowledge can be better mobilized to tackle socially complex environmental problems, and how technological change can be responsible and just.

Knowledge commons for green chemistry

A central part of my dissertation research is about patterns of knowledge sharing that are emerging in efforts to eliminate toxic chemicals from systems of production. I investigate systems of collective knowledge production and management—knowledge commons—and how they could improve our understanding of chemicals and environmental health. My hope for this research is to contribute to new ways of building robust and collaborative knowledge systems for chemical hazard assessment and safer chemical substitution.


  • Greener building materials: Exposing design tools. Poster presented at SETAC North America 2019 in Toronto.
  • Commoning safer chemicals: Socially robust knowledge in green chemistry? [pdf] Presented at 4S 2019 in New Orleans.
  • Knowledge commons for green chemistry: Collective solutions to information challenges in the substitution of hazardous chemicals. [pdf] Presented at Pacifichem 2015 in Honolulu.

Published materials & works in progress