What I do

I’m a doctoral candidate in UC Berkeley’s department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management. While at the university, I’ve helped teach courses in the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry [1, 2, 3] and have been a fellow in the NSF Systems Approach to Green Energy program.

I have worked with NGOs and companies to mobilize knowledge for decision-making about chemical and material sustainability. I participated in developing the Chemical Hazard Data Commons, a collaborative project that I’ve been involved with from the start. I helped Apple develop a framework for prioritizing chemicals of concern in the electronics industry.

Earlier, I did research in Green Chemistry and Chemicals Policy at UC Berkeley’s Center for Occupational and Environmental Health. My prior academic background is in organic, organometallic & supramolecular chemistry. I enjoy growing plants, making music, and tinkering with computers.


I’m committed to using science & technology among diverse approaches to build a sustainable and just society.

Mentors and collaborators

I’ve been grateful to work with and learn from so many amazing people, some of whom I thank here by name:

Interdisciplinary environmental studies | Alastair Iles, Meg Schwarzman, Christine Rosen, Rachel Morello-Frosch.

Systems change | Meg Schwarzman, Mike Wilson, Marty Mulvihill, Tom Lent, Ann Blake, Art Fong, Ken Geiser.

Chemistry | Bob Bergman, Ken Raymond, Andrei Yudin, and many supportive colleagues.

Technology | ekansa, mahmoud, merges, and everyone who has kindly shared their knowledge and time.