What I do

I’m a doctoral candidate in UC Berkeley’s department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management. While at the university, I’ve helped teach courses in the Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry [1, 2, 3] and have been a fellow in the NSF Systems Approach to Green Energy program.

I have worked with NGOs and companies to mobilize knowledge for decision-making about chemical and material sustainability. I participated in developing the Chemical Hazard Data Commons, a project that is now part of the Healthy Building Network’s Pharos. I helped Apple develop a framework for prioritizing chemicals of concern in the electronics industry.

Earlier, I did research in green chemistry and chemicals policy at UC Berkeley’s Center for Occupational and Environmental Health. My prior academic background is in organic, organometallic & supramolecular chemistry. I also really enjoy music and growing plants. ▸▸


I’m committed to using science & technology among diverse approaches to build a sustainable and just society.


You can find me on GitHub, ORCID, Zotero, or LinkedIn.

Mentors and collaborators

I’ve been grateful to work with and learn from so many amazing people, some of whom I thank here by name:

Interdisciplinary environmental studies | Alastair Iles, Meg Schwarzman, Christine Rosen, Rachel Morello-Frosch

Systems change | Mike Wilson, Marty Mulvihill, Tom Lent, Ann Blake, Art Fong, Ken Geiser

Chemistry | Bob Bergman, Ken Raymond, Andrei Yudin, and many supportive colleagues

Technology | ekansa, mahmoud, merges, evmar, and everyone who has kindly shared their knowledge and time