Through my consulting practice I aim to build knowledge infrastructure for sustainable production, focusing on green chemistry and material issues.


I help organizations design and adopt new approaches, systems, policies, and technologies to protect the environment and health. I also help organizations develop tools and information systems to mobilize knowledge—to inform decisions, and to understand, visualize, and communicate impacts.

How I work

My work is rooted in a strong interdisciplinary research background including chemistry, environmental sciences, and social sciences. I combine systems thinking with technical know-how. My specialties include:

  • integrative research
  • policy analysis & development
  • data analysis & visualization
  • software & information systems design
  • technical writing

For more information, please contact me.


My consulting practice is new. I will add information here once I’ve completed some projects. In the meantime you can find out about me and some of the other work I’ve done.


Ann Blake, PhD
Founder & Principal, Environmental & Public Health Consulting

Akos Kokai combines a powerful ability to conceptualize, view and build information systems with a deep level of understanding of technical aspects of chemical hazard assessment and green chemistry principles of design. He was key to the conception, design and implementation of the Chemical Data Commons, hosted by the Healthy Building Network, where he was an absolute delight as a colleague and collaborator. Akos is fascinated by knowledge systems of all types, and invariably has insights into what’s needed for specific applications of such systems, as well as how to improve upon existing systems for practical purposes.

Tom Lent
Former Policy Director, Healthy Building Network

Akos played a key role in the development of the Healthy Building Network’s Pharos and Data Commons green chemistry data analysis systems. He has a deep technical understanding of green chemistry and material health issues and information sources, and an inspired vision for the design and development of knowledge systems to inform decision making. He brings a large toolset to address the intricacies and challenges of implementation, from data acquisition and management to aggregation, visualization, and decision support. He is a hard working contributor and a joy to work with. He will be a valuable partner on your team.